Relevant. Engaging. Fun.

Experiential learning with our business simulations.

Engaging games to teach business skills.

Higher education

Bring an exciting learning experience that teaches concrete business skills, into your course. Our games are easy to use, both for you and your students.

Corporate trainers

Let your people grow in competence while bonding, using a business game, so they learn things that are relevant and that they can directly apply in their daily work.

Distribution partners

You are a facilitator and you like innovative tools to spice up your workshops? Leverage our business simulations: they’re fun and concrete.

About MEGA Learning

We develop business simulations – a computer- and team-based learning tool that teaches the dynamics of running a company, in a competitive, engaging, and playful way.

We are based in Belgium and have been around for a little over 30 years. To this day, our simulations are played all over the world in business schools and corporate environments.

More about us

Why a business simulation?

With our team-based games, gain experience, build new skills and share an exciting moment with your peers.

Teaches useful business skills

From analytical to negotiating skills, participants learn to use metrics to make decisions that make business sense.

Increases engagement

Lively discussions, negotiations, group thinking: these are some of the engaging ingredients you will find in our games.

Integrates easily into the learning journey

Our business simulations are very flexible: whether you play over a few hours or several months, the pace of the game matches your learning flow!

Built with industry experts

Our games are developed with and validated by the people who use them: field experts, academics, and organizations.

What clients say about us

“I enjoyed this simulation and thought it was a great example of how technology can help in the learning process. One of the key learning points was the use of strategy to guide decisions.”

Emily W.
ESCP Business School

“This was so much better than attending a lecture: we could really try things out and learn on the go. Competing with other students was also a lot of fun.”

Charlotte A.
HEC Paris
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“I loved the mix in the workshop: people with different functions, markets and mentalities. A great starting point for interactive brainstorming and discussions.”

Andre J.
Testimonial - You X Webflow Template
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