Develop a competitive advantage to reach market leadership.

In the Competitive Advantage, players compete to become leaders on their markets: they are organized in teams of up to 6 participants and manage a 4-product portfolio, each displaying different customer sensitivities, costs sensitivities, and growth rates.

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Optimize your portfolio

by creating a lasting competitive advantage based on a unique value proposition.

Allocate resources

based on your understanding
of competitive forces, markets and perceived customer value.

Aim for profitability and market leadership

in a competitive environment that is continuously evolving.

What is this business simulation about?

Develop a competitive advantage by leveraging your resources.

The Competitive Advantage places participants in the management team of a company within a fictional industry, in competition with other teams starting from the same position. Their goal will be to analyze their 4-product portfolio, analyze the cost structure of each business line and identify growth opportunities against their customer profile.

The challenge will be for teams to find balance between developing a consistent strategy and remaining competitive, to become the leaders on their market while being profitable.

Best for

Junior to senior managers; Heads of functional business areas/units; Startup incubators, onboarding of new employees, etc.


From 7 to 16 hours playing time; Can be spread over multiple days, weeks, or months.


From 9 participants; Online, face-to-face or blended facilitation; Participants & professors have access to pre reading material to understand the rules of the game autonomously.

What are the learning objectives?

Setting up a strategic plan

that takes advantage of all business opportunities while considering customer profiles, cost sensitivities and the economical environment in which the simulation is taking place.

Understand how profitability can be achieved

and why it matters for the development of the organization.

Design and operate an effective management system

incorporating key metrics, thereby facilitating the team decision-making, the implementation and the overall business success.

Monitor results in real time and adapt fast

to a highly competitive, ever-changing environment, as in reality.

Identify the sources of competitive advantage

and incorporate them in the formulation of the strategy.