Thrive by aligning people and business strategy.

In the Human Capital Challenge, players will understand the
interactions between business, human capital, and an organization’s success. This business simulation highlights how fundamental it is to invest in human capital, in order to improve overall business performance.

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Identify strategic human capital drivers

of company performance such as employee engagement, company attractiveness and span of control.

Implement a sustainable long-term strategy

integrating the organization’s business and human capital objectives.

Create an ecosystem

in which talents are attracted,
developed, support the success of your business, and stay.

What is this business simulation about?

Building a strategy defined by business objectives and backed by your people is your driver to success.

In this business simulation, teams manage a portfolio of products and services, each aimed at a different customer group.

Activating levers such as onboarding, compensation and talent development, teams will deploy their business strategy as efficiently as possible, catering to the needs of their customers, while keeping their eyes on engagement, talent attractivity… and costs.

Best for

University – University postgraduate courses related to HR and Organizational Behavior.
Corporate – HR teams; medium to senior managers.


From 10 to 20 hours playing time; Can be spread over multiple days, weeks, or months.


From 9 participants; Online, face-to-face or blended facilitation; Participants & professors have access to pre reading material to understand the rules of the game autonomously.

What are the learning objectives?

Understand the impact of people-related decisions

on strategy execution, by exploring concepts such as team leadership, attrition, best place to work, etc.

Develop clear strategic logics

linking human capital, customer sensitivities, strategic opportunities and financial performance.

Work backward

and identify the appropriate human capital decisions that will drive business performance.

Develop a human capital system

that retains, acquires, develops, promotes, motivates and appraises the human capital in the organization.

Increase managers’ awareness

of their people and leadership responsibilities.