Build a strong healthcare system, anchored in people, for people.

The Healthcare Strategy Challenge was co-developed with the NYU Wagner Graduate School of Public Service. In this game, players learn to build financially sound and sustainable strategies for their hospital, supporting their human capital and allowing them to best serve the community.

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Best serve the community

by providing top-quality
care to the greatest number, in a competitive environment: they can develop their employees’ talent, invest on facility, and more!

Optimize the personnel mix’ everyday

by finding the right balance in terms of compensation, L&D days, team leadership, etc.

Reach a sound and sustainable financial situation

considering payer mix, value-based purchasing, etc., and improve service quality while supporting the human capital within your organization

What is this business simulation about?

Develop financially sound healthcare systems to best serve your community

Hospital management is multi-faceted: on the one hand, communities rely on a timely, quality provision of services, while on the other hand, employees expect working conditions in which they can grow and thrive. And as an organization, you also need to think of profitability, in order to improve and to best cater to the expectations mentioned above.

In this simulation co-developed with the NYU Wagner Graduate School of Public Service, players practice working in teams, thinking strategically, drawing on evidence, and making trade-offs under time pressure and constraints.

They learn to build financially sound and
sustainable strategies for their healthcare institution that support their human capital and allow them to best serve the community.

Best for

University – University postgraduate courses related to healthcare management.
Corporate – Hospital and healthcare management.


From 10 to 20 hours playing time; Can be spread over multiple days, weeks, or months.


From 9 participants; Online, face-to-face or blended facilitation; Participants & professors have access to pre reading material to understand the rules of the game autonomously.

What are the learning objectives?

Analyze the internal capacity and external environment of healthcare organizations

and find out what successful healthcare systems rely on.

Define a sustainable organizational mission and vision

in the context of opportunities and challenges related to a wide range of stakeholders.

Use data and evidence-based management practices

to improve managerial decision-making and organizational performance.

Provide effective financial management for healthcare organizations

including effective use of accounting and budgeting practices.

Work effectively in teams with colleagues

to bring multiple perspectives and diverse skills together to produce solutions to complex challenges.