Business finance as a common language.

With Fundamentals of Finance, develop your finance acumen to reach sounder business decisions and explore how organizations create value. This finance-oriented business simulation helps participants understand the financial impact of decisions, why they should and how they can monitor business performance.

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Design a strategy through the eyes of a CFO

Define, plan and monitor financial KPIs to identify the best choices for your business, and allocate resources accordingly

Capture markets potential

Building a unique value proposition that caters to your customers’ profile.

Find an optimal balance

Between generating cash, lasting profitability and market leadership, with your strategy in mind.

What is this business simulation about?

Grow your finance acumen and make sounder business decisions.

In this business simulation, teams manage a two-product portfolio: each business line is at a different stage of its lifecycle and is offered to different customer profiles.

As they seek to impose their leadership on the markets, participants will explore the three financial statements and their link to managerial decisions, in articulation with their business strategy.

    Best for

    University – Financial accounting courses at advanced undergraduate and graduate levels.
    Corporate – Junior to middle managers.


    From 6 to 16 hours playing time; Can be spread over multiple days, weeks, or months.


    From 6 participants; Online, face-to-face or blended facilitation; Participants and professors have access to videos and pre reading material to understand the rules of the game autonomously.

    What are the learning objectives?

    Understand value creation

    what it means, how it is created and how it gets lost.

    Understand the three financial statements

    i.e., the balance sheet, the cashflow statement and the P&L statement, and how they help you monitor business performance.

    Explore the implications of profitability, cash, and financing needs

    onthe business’ ability to last,including the concept of operating working capital management.

    Understand how one’s decisions influence the financial results of the business

    by visualizing the levers to boost – or damage – your organization’s financial health.

    Develop a capacity to identify the right KPIs

    such as liquidity, profitability, activity and leverage ratios, and create monitoring tools.